Thursday, January 23, 2014

First grade map makers!

These are some cool maps that my first grade students made of the US. This idea came from me looking at their classroom GPS Social Studies standards. One of their standards is to be able to locate where they live on a map. I wanted it to be more fun than that, so we learned about lots of neat places and things to see all over the country. (my summer road trips really came in handy here!) I also collected LOTS of maps of the US, old and new, books, puzzles etc. for my students to be inspired by. Here are a few examples of the maps that they created. I love how painterly they turned out.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas adventures

We have been working  on our Christmas clay projects at RBES. Each grade level makes a different project out of clay. I keep it the same each year so that Rocky Branch families can develop their "collections"...
I just managed to take photos of some first grade angels and fourth grade santana bells

Friday, November 1, 2013

Art Club Makes Their Own T-Shirts!!!!

One of the neat things that we have done in Art Club this time since I have a smaller group is that we made our own art club T-shirts!!! I hand-stamped the letters and numbers in black acrylic paint (with the help of my UGA student Intern Miss Bonin), and then the students drew their own designs over around and on top of my letters and numbers. The shirts turned out SOOO GOOD!!!Yeah Art Club!!!

Miss Dellaria

This school year began with my new student teacher Mrs. Dellaria! She has been a wonderful addition to the RBES art room. She is a fabulous photo-realist painter, and is teaching our students many things about different types of art.

Begining the Year with Square 1 Art

We have been working on our Square 1 Art since the very first day of school and the kids are doing SUCH a great job with their pictures!!!! I decided this year to assign each grade level a different topic this year for Square 1. The grade level Square 1 assignments are as follows:

Kindergarten: Self Portraits
First Grade: Family Portraits
Second Grade: My Grandparents and Me
Third Grade: What I want to Be When I Grow Up
Fourth Grade: My Favorite Family Vacation or Dream Vacation
Fifth Grade: Self Portrait in My Bedroom

Here are some photos of students working on their Square 1 pictures:

When we do Square 1, we always begin with a detailed pencil drawing, and then add marker.I buy many sets of different kinds of markers so that there can be lots of color choices and widths of markers. It usually takes them quite a while to do a careful job coloring in their pictures, but the results are definitely worth it! They are beautiful pieces of art!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Third grade special people portraits

This project actually began our study of folk art this year in third grade. We learned about Howard Finster, a Georgia folk artist who lived in Summerville Ga, up near Rome. He made a 5 acre art garden full of wonderful sculptures, structures and paintings, called Paradise Garden, which all of my students thought was amazing (it is!). He was a prolific artist, creating over 40,000 pieces of art after he turned 65. He numbered his artworks. Such an amazing, inspiring man! The third graders' paintings were inspired by Howard's many pictures of himself and famous people, where he would include writing.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Third grade face jugs

This spring our third graders learned about Georgia's own Lanier Meadors. He was a master maker of face jugs, and he lived and worked in White County, near Cleveland Ga. We learned about other creators of face jugs too, and the tradition and history of how they came to be in America! Then we dove in and got our hands dirty!